Lonestar Fire Protection

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Why Choose Lonestar Fire Protection?

Coming from the field we have a different approach to our relationships with customers. Lonestar Fire Protection will be there for the install and in all other aspects of a project’s completion; answering the phone when you need us. We will be on time with design, submittals, pre coordination and any other needs you may have throughout the process. We will be there when you have alarms going off at 3 in the morning. At Lonestar Fire Protection one of our best abilities is our accountability.

Water sprinkler and fire alarm system, water sprinkler control system and pipelines of industrial.

Installation of New Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our team has been there to install, test, or manage a wide range of large and small projects. From 60+ story high rises, all the way down to adding a dry system for a new canopy in an existing building.

09-walkie talkie
fire protection Professional Checking A Fire Hydrant

Inspections, Testing & Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler Compliance with NFPA 14, NFPA 20, NFPA 25, & NFPA 72

Fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected and tested at regular intervals throughout the life of the system. You want to be sure your system functions properly when it matters the most. We also provide preventative maintenance to make sure you are protected from winter weather. This mainly includes servicing systems exposed to the elements, and heaters in your riser rooms.

Machinery error causing fire extinguishing system to engage

Service & Repair for Fire Sprinklers

Lonestar Fire Protection’s team has vast experience in the service industry. From immediate service repairs to larger T/I projects.

The valve system of an Industrial fire extinguisher

Backflow Testing & Repair

We have certified backflow testers to keep you in compliance with TCEQ. If your backflow needs service or repair, we can take care of that also. Our team is experienced in making necessary repairs to keep you compliant!